Mormon History, Jan 19, 1849

[Patriarchal Blessings] [Patriarchal Blessing of Phebe Young on January 19, 1849]
A Patriarchal Blessing Great Salt Lake City, January 19, 1849.A blessing by John Smith, Patriarch, upon the head of Phebe Young, daughter of Abraham and Phebe Morton born in Gilford, State of Mass[a]chusetts, March 28, 1786.
Beloved Sister I place my hands upon thy head in the name of Jesus Christ and seal upon you all the blessings of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, in as much as thou art a mother in Israel and hast obeyed the gospel in thine old age and hast suffered much for the gospel's sake and hast not fainted neither murmured against the Lord he is well pleased with the integrity of thine heart and thy name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life and he will bless thee with a multiplicity of blessings, he will multiply thy seed like Jacob. They shall inherit all the blessings that were sealed upon the head of Ephraim in the land of Egypt which were to contiune through all generations of his posterity forever. In as much as thou hast experienced sickness and death in your family thou shalt be blest with health, peace and plenty. Thy store house shall be well supplied with the richest fruits of the earth. Thou shalt see thy children grown up about thee healthy and fair unto the fourth generation. Thou shalt have faith to deliver them from the power of the destroyer and the sick shall be healed under thy hands thou shalt have the ministering of Angels to comfort their heart in thine old age. It shall be with thee as it is written after much tribulation cometh the blessing. Thou shalt understand mysteries that have been kept hid from before the foundation of the world, no good thing shall be with-held from you. Thou shalt live until thou art fully satisfied with life and finally inherit all the blessings and glories of the Redeemer's Kingdom in a world without end, even so, Amen.

[source: Patriarchal Blessings]

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