Mormon History, June 1844

-- During June 1844
William Law: Recorded shock and disapproval the next day (28 June 1844) in his diary at Joseph Smith Jr. 's murder (1)

William Law: Moved to Burlington, Iowa, June 1844. (2)

Joseph Smith Jr.: Appealed to U.S. president 20 June 1844 for troops (1)

Joseph Smith Jr. Death: 27 June 1844, Carthage, Hancock Co., Illinois, by Carthage Greys militia and accessories, among artifacts and relics kept by widow Emma Smith were Jupiter talisman worn at his death, "Book of Abraham" manuscript and English translation, fragments of original Book of Mormon manuscript, and seer stones. , Estate: $2,022.25 appraised; $25,023.95 debts; (-23,001.70) net (1)

Joseph Smith Jr.: Reportedly ordained son Joseph Smith III successor 11 June 1844 (1)

William E Mclellin: An apostle in Hinkle's church 24 June 1844 and counselor 14 July (1)

Hyrum Smith Death: 27 June 1844, Carthage, Hancock Co., Illinois, by Carthage Greys militia and accomplices. Among artifacts and relics kept by widow Mary Fielding Smith were three magic parchments ("lamens" for summoning good spirit and protection) and ceremonial dagger (inscribed with Joseph Smith Sr. 's astrological birth sign) , Estate: No record (1)

William E Mclellin: Consulted with representative of William Law 's Reformed church 17 June 1844 (1)

[John D. Lee] When spring came, Lee was called on another mission and went to eastern Kentucky, where he was serving in June 1844 when Joseph and Hyrum Smith were murdered. He returned in August to face a new and threatening situation from neighbors who did not want Mormons in Illinois. Brigham Young, the de facto leader of the Mormons, had started preparations for a move to the West where the Mormons could practice their religion in peace. (3)

Joseph Fielding Smith: After death of father June 1844, mother supported Twelve Apostles as legitimate leadership of Church. (2)

-- Jul 1, 1844
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] July 1st 1844 State Convention of Jeffersonian Democracy. General Joseph Smith nominated for President Sidney Rigdon for Vice President. The Convention met at 10 oclok A.M. in the Melodian and was organized as follows:

Hon B. Young of Nauvoo President

Hon. Wm. Smith & Gen Lyman Wight Vice Presidents

Hon Wilford Woodruff, Professor Orson Pratt of Illinois, Ananias McAllister Esqr of Boston, And D. H. Felt Esqr of Salem Secretaries.

The Convention was addressed with much animation and zeal attended with sound argument during the day and evening By the President, Gen. L. Wight, Hon. O. Hyde, D. Spencer, Hon Wm. Smith, Prof. O. Pratt, All of Illinois And George B. Wallace Esq of Boston.

A Preamble and many important resolutions were adopted all of which together with the procedings of the meeting were published in the Boston Daily Times of July 2d 1844.

The Melodeon was Crouded in the evening and it was soon evident that a large number of rowdies were in the galleries & felt disposed to make [a] disturbance. And among others Abby Folsom made her appearance, & arose & commence speaking while the president was addressing the meeting. Soon a young man in the gallery rose and commenced a series of rowdy remarks & was encouraged by some mob companions untill confusion became general in the gallery, untill the policee came in to take him out. They were assaulted and beaten badly by a set of young desperadoes. After much hard fighting however they succeded in clearing the gallery. One person got badly cut in the face but not dangerous. The meeting was soon broaken up. This is a disgrace to Boston & shows the spirit of the times.

Gen Lyman Wight said he had seen Eastern missionaries among the Indians trying to civelize them but he thought they had better commence at home first. He thought it best to send some sax & fox indians to Boston to civelize the city.

But notwithstanding the meeting was closed by a mob yet much good was done. The citizens Could see their was sufficient reasons to awaken the minds of the people upon the affairs of our goverment, in order to save them from ruin. The Convention was adjourned untill tomorrow at Bunker Hill at 4 oclok.

/H. C. Kimball & S B Wallace was Appointed Delegates to the Baltimore National Convention./ (4)

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