Mormon History, Jun 16, 1844

-- Jun 16, 1844
Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Orson Pratt, Willford Woodruff, and Lyman Wight in Boston [per Brigham Young]. (1)

Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, pp. 370-372; June 16, 1844. Meeting in the Grove, east of the Temple.

I will preach on the plurality of Gods. * * *

Our text says, "And hath made us kings and priests unto God and His Father." * * * My object was to preach the scriptures, and preach the doctrine they contain, there being a God above, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. * * *

Eloheim is from the word Eloi, God, in the singular number; and by adding the word heim, it renders it Gods. It read first, "In the beginning the head of the Gods brought forth the Gods," or, as others have translated it, "The head of the Gods called the Gods together." * * *

The head God organized the heavens and the earth. In the beginning the heads of the Gods organized the heavens and the earth. * * * The head one of the Gods said, Let us make a man in our own image. I once asked a learned Jew, "If the Hebrew language compels us to render all words ending in heim in the plural, why not render the first Eloheim plural?" He replied, "That is the rule with few exceptions; but in this case it would ruin the Bible." He acknowledged I was right. * * *

In the very beginning the Bible shows there is a plurality of Gods beyond the power of refutation. It is a great subject I am dwelling on. The word Eloheim ought to be in the plural all the way through---Gods. The heads of the Gods appointed one God for us; and when you take that view of the subject, it sets one free to see all the beauty, holiness and perfections of the Gods. (2)

The Church High Council at Kirtland disfellowships Preserved Harris for not being generous enough with his money and property. The charges are brought by Joseph Smith. (3)

Joseph Smith addresses the Saints in Nauvoo once in the morning and once in the afternoon, preaching on the nature of God and asking citizens from the state and nation to support the Saints in their constitutional rights. (4)

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith wrote letters to Thomas Ford, governor of Illinois, and Isaac Morley. (5)

[Joseph Smith] Sunday. Joseph preaches, but is interrupted by a severe rainstorm. He explains the doctrine of the plurality of the Gods, stating, "It is all over the face of the Bible. . . . I say there are Gods many and Lords many, but to us only one, and we are to be in subjection to that one, and no man can limit the bounds or the eternal existence of eternal time." He also testifies, "I have reason to think that the Church is being purged. I saw Satan fall from heaven." (History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (7 volumes) 6:473-79.)Joseph meets with forty men from Madison who have come to inquire about the Nauvoo Expositor episode. He explains it and they are satisfied; then he asks them to go throughout the area to explain the truth of the situation to their neighbors. Joseph writes Governor Ford, citing the rumors of mobs of 1500 men gathering at Carthage to attack Nauvoo. He states that the Nauvoo Legion is at Ford's service if he needs it. Joseph ex
changes letters with Saints who are living outside of Nauvoo and have been troubled by mobs recently. He calls a couple of dozen men throughout the area to go on missions to calm the public concerning the Mormons. He also issues a proclamation stating, "If, then, our charter gives us the power to decide what shall be a nuisance, and cause it to be removed, where is the offense? What law is violated?" (History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (7 volumes) 6:479-85.) (6)

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith gave a sermon in the grove east of the Nauvoo Temple about the Godhead. (7)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Sunday, June 16th 1844 Preached at the stand 10 o'clock A.M. Some rain. Some 40 individuals gentlemen from Madison, come down on the steamer to Enquire into our difficulties. Met them at Masonic Hall at 2 P.M. and gave them an explanation. The Clerk of City council Dr. Richards read the minutes of council deciding the Nauvoo Expositor a Nuisance. They were satisfied.

At the close of the Meeting repaired to the stand and met the brethren, some thousands. Instructed them to keep their cool prepare their arms for defence of the city, as it was reported a Mob was collecting at Carthage &c. Be quiet, make no disturbance. Instructed the meeting to organize and send delegates to all the surrounding towns and villages and explain the cause of the disturbance and show them all was peace at Nauvoo and no cause for Mobs.

Messengers arrived showing that the Clerk of the county court was expected to be driven out of Carthage next day and the only way to prevent sheding of blood was to get the Governor in person to come down with his staff. Wrote to Governor Ford stating the facts (on file). Brother from Bear Creek come and made affidavit before Recorder that 1,500 Missourians were to cross to Warsaw next morning on way to Carthage and (on file) Judge Thomas come and advised me go before some justice of the peace and have an examination, and if acquitted or bound over, would allay all excitement or cut off all legal pretext for a mob and he would be bound to /order them to/ keep the peace.

Wrote a letter to Hugh McFall Adjutant Gen[eral] of Legion to carry letter to the Governor. He declined going.

Received letter from Issac Morl[e]y this date and answered it. (8)

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