Mormon History, Jun 12, 1844, Wednesday

-- Jun 12, 1844, Wednesday
[William Clayton Writings] Wednesday 12th. A.M went to Temple office then to Prest. Js. walked with him, O.P.R. and J. Grant to my house & then to Temple P.M. at Prest Js recording Saunders Died at 1½ o clock David Bettisworth a constable from Carthage came with a writ for Joseph, Hyrum, Phelps, Jno Taylor, S. [or L.?] Bennett and a number of others for riot, in breaking the press of the Nauvoo Expositor. After the officer got through reading the writ, Joseph referred him to this clause in the writ ``before me or some other justice of the peace of said County'' saying we are ready to go to trial before Esqr Johnson, for that was their privilege allowed by the Statute. The man said he should take them before Morrison the man who issued the writ and seemed very wrathy--Joseph asked him if he intended to break the law, for he knew the privilege of the prisoners and they should have it. Joseph called upon all present to witness that he then offered himself (Hyrum did the same) t
o go forthwith before the nearest justice of the peace, and also called upon them to witness whether the officer broke the law. Joseph /indecip./ a write of Habeas Corpus which was taken out and served on Bettisworth. While this was going on and the Marshall summoning the Municipal Court - Hyrum related the whole history of the difficulty with Wm Law to the constable & a man with him - showing them what we believed on sealing of the covenant - that Law wanted to be sealed & J. told him he was forbid - which begun the hard feelings. He talked about 2 hours, then J. came in & told about Jackson. About 5 the court assembled in the 70s Hall- much testimony was brought to the point & the Court discharged J. from the writ & assessed the costs to F.M. Higbee the complainant. (1)

-- Between Jun 6, 1844 and 13-Jun 1844
Hyrum Smith reportedly offers reward for the destruction of the Warsaw Signal. Hyrum Smith reportedly threatens the life of Warsaw Signal editor, Thomas C. Sharp. (2)

-- Jun 13, 1844
Warsaw Signal prints report of destruction of the Nauvoo Expositor and announces resolve and area support to protect it's press to the death. (2)

Joseph Smith refers to "my guardian angel" during a sermon. (3)

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith received the report that a mob of about 300 was assembled at Carthage, Illinois, and was ready to attack Nauvoo. (4)

[Joseph Smith] The several brethren who were arrested by Bettisworth with Joseph take out writs of habeas corpus and are released. In the evening Joseph relates a dream in the Seventies Hall in which his enemies, Foster and Higbee, are symbolized as two large snakes who are locked together so tightly that they cannot get any power over Joseph. The dream also refers to the plans of William and Wilson Law being overcome.The Warsaw Signal carries a story about an anti-Mormon meeting held on the night of June 13 in which several resolutions are drawn up to immediately drive any sympathizers of the Saints from the state. The Signal's editor, Thomas C. Sharp, accuses Hyrum Smith of planning to destroy the Signal press and of threatening his own life. A committee is drawn up to "notify all persons in our township suspected of being the tools of the prophet to leave immediately on pain of instant vengeance." (History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (7 volumes) 6:46
2-66.) (5)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Thursday, June 13th 1844 9 A.M. Presided in Municipal Court /at 70s Hall/ Hyrum Smith, J[ohn] P. Green, W[illiam] W. Phelps, Stephen Perry, J[onathan] H. Holmes, J[onathan]. Dunham, [Samuel] T. Bennett, W[illiam]. W. Edwards were arrested on complaint of F[rancis] M. Higbee before [Thomas] Morrison J[ustice] [of the] P[eace] of Carthage By David Bettisworth Con[stable] [of] Hancock County. They o[b]tained a Habeus Corpus were tried for a riot for burning the Nauvoo Expositor and set free by Municipal court. See Docket.

P.M. Attend[ed] meeting in 70s Hall. G[eorge] J. Adams preached after which I made some observations.

2 Brothers arrived from Carthage this eve and said about 300 mobbers were collected in Carthage to come upon Nauvoo. [Also that] Hamilton was paying [$] 1.00 [a] bu[shel] for corn and Jacob B. Backenstos [and the] clerk of the court had [prepared a transcript of the] trial [and the testimony] against us. Rain. (6)

-- Jun 13, 1844 (Thursday Afternoon)
[Joseph Smith Sermon] (Location: At Seventies Hall, Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois, USA

Source: Joseph Smith Diary, by Willard Richards -Words of Joseph Smith, 378) P.M. attended meeting in 70s Hall G. J. Adams Preachedâ€"after which I made some observationsâ€" (7)

-- Jun 14, 1844
Mobs gathering in Carthage. (2)

Joseph Smith writes a letter to Illinois governor Thomas Ford explaining the EXPOSITOR incident: "[T]he proprietors were a set of unprincipled, lawless debauchers, counterfeiters, bogus-makers, gamblers, peace-disturbers, . . . the City Council decided that it was necessary for the 'peace, benefit, good order and regulations' of said city, 'and for the protection of prosperity,' and for 'the happiness and prosperity of the citizens of Nauvoo,' that said Expositor should be removed, and declaring said Expositor a nuisance ordered the Mayor [Joseph Smith] to cause them to be removed without delay; which order was committed to the Marshal by due process, and by him executed the same day, by removing the paper, press and fixtures into the streets and burning the same; all which was done without riot, noise, tumult or confusion, . . ." William Clayton writes: "A.M. conversing with a number of gentleman in the Bar room concerning the proceedings of our enemies. He [Joseph Smith] pr
ophesied in the name of the Lord that if they did mob us it would be a precedent to come down upon their own heads with fury and vengeance." (3)

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