Mormon History, Jun 11, 1844

-- Jun 11, 1844
Joseph Smith and the city council were charged with riot in the destruction of the Expositor press. A Nauvoo court absolved them of the charge, but the complainant asked for the issue to be examined by the Carthage court. (1)

Probable date that Joseph Smith III is ordained as his father's theocratic successor. Warned the same day of a conspiracy to murder them, William Law and associates flee Nauvoo with their families. Joseph Smith, on the day after the NAUVOO EXPOSITOR is destroyed, "Instructed Bro [W. W.] Phelps to write a proclamation to the citezens [sic] of Nauvoo to keep quiet &c." (2)

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith wrote a proclamation that was published in the Nauvoo Neighbor regarding the promulgation of false statements injurious to the people of Nauvoo. (3)

[Joseph Smith] Joseph issues a proclamation stating that he has destroyed the Nauvoo Expositor, which he considered a nuisance (and therefore had the legal right to destroy, just as he would any nuisance).News of the action against the press travels quickly. A mass meeting of anti-Mormons assembles in Carthage. A resolution is adopted, stating, "We hold ourselves at all times in readiness to cooperate with our fellow citizens in this state, Missouri, and Iowa to exterminateâ€"UTTERLY EXTERMINATE, the wicked and abominable Mormon leaders, the authors of our troubles. . . . A WAR OF EXTERMINATION SHOULD BE WAGED, to the entire destruction if necessary for our protection, of his adherents." (Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought (various issues), Su '69, 47.) (4)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Tuesday, June 11th 1844 Spent the fore noon in council with the brethen at my house. 10 [A.M.] to 12 or thereabouts in my office with Hyrum, G[eorge] J. Adams, Dr. Richards, and others. Instructed Bro[ther] Phelps to write a proclamation to the citezens of Nauvoo to keep quiet &c. Had an interview with Elder Adams out doors returned home to dinner.

2 P.M. went into court. Many people present. Talked an hour or two on passing events the Mob party &c. and told the people I was ready to fight if the mob would compel me to. That I would not be in bondage. Asked the assembly if they would stand by Me and they cried yes from all quarters. Returned home. Dr. Richards come to me at my home as I was talking with Hyrum, Eaton, Bonny &c. And read a letter from Dr. Hicko[c]k Springfield June 6, that T. B. Johnson was about yet [and that] the [members of the Nauvoo] Municipal Court [had been] indicted [by the circuit court] from trying /Jeremiah/ Smith on Habeas Corpus. Instructed Dr. Richards to answer it, rode 1/2 hour with O[rrin] P[orter] Rockwell.

G[eorge] J. Adams preached at my house in the eve. Cloudy cool. This fore noon Capt of Osprey called at printing office I called to see him rod[e] with him to his boat upper landing. When I come up Charles Foster called the passengers to come and see the meanest man. Rolloson attempted to draw a pistol but Eaton silenced him and kept them all down.

Harry Readfield said last evening F[rancis] M. Higbee said while speaking of the printing press of N[auvoo] E[xpositor] if they lay their hand upon it or break it. They may date their downfall from that very hour. And in 10 days there will not be a Mormon left in Nauvoo, what they do they may expect the same in return. Also Adrin Evert heard it.

Lanthus and Tallman Rolf said the city would be strung to the ground in 10 days and they would help do it (by Jason R. Luce, Moses Leonard and Joshua Miller).

Runners have gone in different directions to get up a mob &c. Mobites selling their houses. (5)

-- Jun 11, 1844, Tuesday
[William Clayton Writings] The following day there was great excitement concerning the destruction of the press; and Foster and Higbees threatened vengeance. Some of them said that in a few weeks there should not be left one stone of the temple standing upon another. (6)

-- 1844: 12 June
[Patriarchal Blessings] James Madison Flake. (Given by Hyrum Smith.)

"Brother James, I lay my hands upon your head in the name of Jesus of Nazareth to place and seal a blessing upon you in the order of my calling, patriarchal and prophetic, to come to pass in the future according to the will of God from time to time in answer to the desires of your heart and according to your faith which is in Jesus Christ. Behold I say unto you James according to the workings of the spirit in me you are of the blood of Ephraim and from that lineage you have rights that are inherent under the promises and covenants, that are made with your fathers for this cause you have been wrought upon by the spirit of inspiration and have come up hither and your faith is unshaken for this cause you are blessed and shall be blessed and your children after you with the priesthood and the power of its administration and the keys of the knowledge of God through which you may receive a fullness of the everlasting covenant even the blessing of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and you sh
all be blessed in your avocations of life in your testimony in your house and habitation in the field and in the garner and your name shall have honor and be perpetuated from generation to generation and the blessings of Ephraim shall crown your head upon Mount Zion with the ten thousands of Ephraim and the thousands of Manassah Therefore be firm steadfast and immovable and you shall abound in grace and every good gift henceforth and forever and your days shall be long in the land and you shall go up and down to and fro on the earth and prosperity shall be in your pathway notwithstanding the trials that are inherent to your calling where with you are called unto the ministry and as a laborer to the field in the eleventh hour that is white and ready for harvest in which your name shall be known and come up in honor on Mount Zion as a savior and a judge to judge the Mount of Esau with the residue of God's hosts. The fullness you know not, but by and by you shall know it. These
blessings I seal upon your head, even so, amen." (From S. Eugene Flake, James Madison Flake, Pioneer, Leader, Missionary, Wasatch Press, 1970, pp. 17-18.) [Age, 28; Scribe, ?] (7)

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