Mormon History, Jun 27, 1844

-- Jun 27, 1844
Carthage, Illinois. Joseph Smith wrote letters from Carthage Jail to his wife, Emma Smith, and lawyer Orville H. Browning. byu-studies-js

-- Jun 27, 1844, Thursday
[William Clayton Writings] Clayton saw the governor arrive in Nauvoo, listened to him talk, and was outraged at what he thought was an unfair and intemperate speech. Little did he realize that late that afternoon his prophet was murdered by a mob. Clayton went to bed on that evening, oblivious of the tragic affair taking place in Carthage. clay1

-- Jun 27, 1844
Before leaving Carthage Jail at 1:30 p. m., Stephen Markham listens as Smith says he has lost the spirit of God for disobedience in returning to Nauvoo.. In 1858 Brigham Young would say later "If Joseph Smith, Jun., the Prophet, had followed the Spirit of revelation in him he never would have gone to Carthage and never for one moment did he say that he had one particle of light in him after he started back from Montrose to give himself up in Nauvoo." Smith tells associate that he has lost the spirit of God for disobedience . Court/Jail PLACE: Cathage Jail, Cathage, IL SOURCE: Brigham Young, A Series of Instructions and Remarks by President Young at a Special Council, Tabernacle, March 21, 1858 (Salt Lake City, 1858) i4m

10 a.m. - Illinois governor Thomas Ford arrives to disband the state militia, then travels with some of his troops to Nauvoo. Although he spares the city the bloody assault planned by the Illinois militia, he leaves Joseph Smith under protection of hostile Carthage Greys, knowingly enabling the assassination. jakehist

[Emma Smith] Emma serves dinner to Governor Ford and sixty of his men in Nauvoo Mansion House about 5:00 p. m. Emma learns about 10:00 p. m. that Joseph and Hyrum have been shot and killed. emma

At 4:00 PM, "Hyrum read extracts from Josephus." Josephus discusses such non-biblical things as Abraham's uncle-relationship to his wife Sarai, and his teaching of arithmatic and astronomy to the Egyptians. mp

-- Jun 27, 1844 (Thursday)
Gov. Thos. Ford went to Nauvoo, leaving the prisoners in jail to be guarded by their most bitter enemies, the "Carthage Greys." About 5:20 p.m. an armed mob with blackened faces surrounded and entered the jail. jenson

-- June 27, 1844
[Joseph Smith] 5:00 A.M. John P. Greene and W. W. Phelps visit the jail on their way to Nauvoo.

5:30 A.M. The prisoners arise. Joseph asks Dan Jones to find out about the gunshot last night. Jones talks with Frank Worrel, one of the Carthage Greys. Worrel says, "We have had too much trouble to bring Old Joe here to let him ever escape alive, and unless you want to die with him you had better leave before sundown. . . . You'll see that I can prophesy better than Old Joe, for neither he nor his brother, nor anyone who will remain with them will see the sun set today." Joseph sends Dan Jones to report what he has heard to Gov. Ford. On the way, Jones hears others plotting to kill Joseph. Ford tells him he is "unnecessarily alarmed" and claims that "the people are not that cruel." Jones also records that he demanded that Ford protect Joseph because Joseph was a Master Mason, and promised that if Joseph was killed, he would testify to the world that Ford knew about it beforehand. Gov. Ford also refuses to give passes to Jones and others, so they cannot pass in and out of th
e prison. (History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (7 volumes) 6:602-4.)

7:00 A.M. Joseph and four others eat breakfast.

8:00 A.M. Cyrus H. Wheelock receives a pass from Gov. Ford.

8:20 A.M. Joseph writes to Emma. He tells her that he will not be going to Nauvoo with Gov. Ford as he had previously assumed. He adds a postscript, "I am very much resigned to my lot, knowing I am justified, and have done the best that could be done. Give my love to the children and all my friends." (History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (7 volumes) 6:605.) conklin

9:40 A.M. Mr. Woods and Mr. Reid come to the jail. Dr. Southwick reports that he was in a meeting in which delegates from almost every state had met to discuss the best way to stop Joseph Smith's political career, saying, "If he did not get into the Presidential chair this election, he would be sure to the next time." Captain Dunn and his men are ordered to accompany Gov. Ford to Nauvoo. The Carthage Greys are selected by Ford to guard the prisoners in the jail. Ford disbands over 1200 other men at Carthage and a couple of thousand camped eight miles away. Ford tells Cyrus H. Wheelock, "I was never in such a dilemma in my life; but your friends shall be protected. . . . In this pledge I am not alone; I have obtained the pledge of the whole of the army. . . ." Wheelock visits the prison and slips a pepper box revolver into Joseph's pocket. Joseph gives a single-barrel pistol to his brother Hyrum and says, "You may have use for this." Hyrum answers, "I hate to use such things o
r tosee them used." Joseph replies, "So do I, but we may have to, to defend ourselves." Hyrum takes the pistol. Joseph then says that even Jesus did not at times think it wise to reveal all he knew because of physical danger. "So it is with the Church. . . . We have the revelation of Jesus, and the knowledge within us is sufficient to organize a righteous government upon the earth, and to give universal peace to all mankind . . . but we lack the physical strength, as did our Savior when a child, to defend our principles, and we have of necessity to be afflicted, persecuted and smitten, and to bear it patiently until Jacob is of age, then he will take care of himself." A list of proposed witnesses is read, but Alpheus Cutler and Reynolds Cahoon are crossed off. Dr. Richards records notes dictated by Joseph and Hyrum and addressed to their families. Joseph relates a dream he had in Kirtland in which his enemies tried to destroy him but ended up destroying themselves. Both Jose
ph andHyrum bear their testimonies of the divinity of the work. Joseph writes a postscript to Emma, telling her that the troups have been disbanded and Governor Ford will come to Nauvoo to give a speech. He then sends his letter off. John P. Greene tells Gov. Ford that there is a conspiracy to take the lives of Joseph and Hyrum. Ford replies, "Marshal Greene, you are too enthusiastic." One journal records that Joseph also sent a note to Jonathan Dunham requesting that the Nauvoo troupe come to Joseph's rescue. Dunham, however, either never received or never acted upon the request. (History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (7 volumes) 6:605-11.) conklin

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