Mormon History, Oct 6, 1849 (Saturday)

On this and the following day a general conference of the Church was held in G.S.L. City, at which the Perpetual Emigration Fund was commenced. John Taylor, Curtis E. Bolton and John Pack were called on missions to France; Erastus Snow and Peter O. Hansen to Denmark; Lorenzo Snow and Joseph Toronto to Italy; Franklin D. Richards, Joseph W. Johnson, Joseph W. Young, Job Smith, Haden W. Church, Geo. B. Wallace and John S. Higbee to Great Britain; Charles C. Rich and Francis M. Pomeroy to Lower California; Addison Pratt, James S. Brown and Hiram H. Blackwell to the Society Islands, and John E. Forsgren to Sweden. A "Carrying Company," for carrying goods from the Missouri river to the Valley and also to run a wagon passenger train, was organized. It was voted to lay off a city in Capt. James Brown's neighborhood (Ogden), and another one in Utah Valley (Provo); also to make a settlement in Sanpete Valley (Manti). For the latter Isaac Morley, Charles Shumway and Seth Taft were appointed a presidency.

[source: Jenson, Andrew, Church Chronology]

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