Mormon History, Dec 9, 1834

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-- Dec 9, 1834
[Patriarchal Blessings] Patriarchal Blessing of Joseph Smith, Jr., given by Joseph Smith, Sr. stated "thou shalt stand on Mount Zion when the tribes of Jacob come shouting from the north, and with thy brethren, the sons of Ephraim, crown them in the name of Jesus Christ: Thou shalt see thy Redeemer come in the clouds of heaven (1)

-- Dec 22, 1834
Heber C. Kimball starts attending a six-week grammar school taught by Sidney and William E. McLellin .
William was reproved for complaining about Sidney to his wife. (2)

Grammar School opened; Sidney Rigdon and William E. McLellin teachers. (3)

-- about Dec 27, 1834
Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith wrote a letter to Oliver Cowdery. (4)

-- 1834
Church Membership at end of year: 4,372
New Converts : 1,232
Percent Change from previous year: 39.24% (5)

-- Dec 31, 1834
[Wilford Woodruff] Consecrates personal property to Mormon church (6)

-- During 1834 December

Having learned from the first No. of the Messenger and Advocate, that you were, not only about to "give a history of the rise and progress of the church of the Latter Day Saints;" but, that said "history would necessarily embrace my life and character," I have been induced to give you the time and place of my birth; as I have learned that many of the opposers of those principles which I have held forth to the world, profess a personal acquaintance with me, though when in my presence, represent me to be another person in age, education, and stature, from what I am.
Joseph Smith to Oliver Cowdery,
Most likely in response to the publication of Mormonism Unvailed. (2)

-- During Dec 1834
Messenger & Advocate prints Oliver Cowdery's letter saying that, when Joseph Smith was 15, he was stirred by a revival and prayed in his bedroom to find out which church was right. Says a messenger for the Lord appeared saying his sins were forgiven. (3)

-- During Dec. 1834
Sidney Rigdon: Replaced as "spokesman" by Oliver Cowdery Dec. 1834 (7)

-- winter of 1834
[Kimball, Heber Chase] Attended School of Prophets in winter of 1834-35. (8)

-- During 1834
[Black History] According to Zebedee Coltrin (as recalled in 1879, some 45 years later) Joseph Smith in the presence of Coltrin receives a revelation that Blacks are not to be ordained. See 1879 entry for quote. (9)

[Brigham Young] Marries Mary Ann Angell. Acts as captain in march of Zions Camp. (10)

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