Mormon History, Apr 27, 1834

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-- Apr 27, 1834
Kirtland, Ohio. As Wilford Woodruff remembered, Joseph Smith prophesied in a testimony meeting before the departure of Zions Camp that the Church would fill the Rocky Mountains and the work would fill the whole earth. (1)

[Lucy Mack Smith] Hyrum, fourth child and second son of Hyrum and Jerusha Smith, is born. (2)

-- Apr 28, 1834
Kirtland to receive an extra $3,000, then distribute United Firm. Revelation of April 28, 1834 (3)

[Murdock, John] Returned to Kirtland 28 April 1834. (4)

Kirtland, Ohio. Revelation of April 28, 1834. Division of the United Firm. Kirtland branch to keep $3,000 for inheritances to be used when revealed.
Kirtland Revelations Book, 111.
Division of United Firm/Verily thus saith the Lord concerning the division and settlement of the United Firm. /Virtually identical to the copy in Book of Commandments, Book C. Orson Hyde the scribe in both volumes.
Keep $3000 for Kirtland/Let there be reserved three Thousand Dollars for the right and claim of the Firm in Kirtland for inheritances in due time, even when the Lord will;.
To be used when revealed/and with this claim to be had in remembrance when the Lord Shall reveal it for a right of inheritance,
Branches free from each other/ye are made free from the Firm of Zion and the Firm in Zion is made free from the Firm in Kirtland:.
Thus Saith the Lord. Amen. (5)

-- During 1834 April
Zion's Camp is assembled as an effort to help the beleaguered Mormons in Missouri. The "Camp" is really a motley collection of Mormons who followed Joseph Smith to Missouri with the manifest aim of defending the Mormons in Missouri. Shortly after arriving in Missouri, the force is disbanded. (6)

-- During 1834, April
[Wilford Woodruff] Goes to Kirtland, Ohio, where he meets the Prophet Joseph Smith. (7)

-- During April-July 1834
[Heber C. Kimball] Participates in Zion's Camp to aid persecuted Saints in Missouri. (8)

-- May 1, 1834
Zion's Camp begins. (3)

Joseph Smith and a party of more than 100 ("Zion's Camp") depart Kirtland for Missouri [per Joseph Smith]. (9)

[Joseph Smith] Orson Pratt's company of 20, including Wilford Woodruff, leaves Kirtland for Zion. Joseph remains in Kirtland to organize a larger body of men. Orson Pratt journals, 40. =1834
WWJ 1:9
Wilford Woodruff (10)

[Wilford Woodruff] Departs for Missouri with Zion's Camp (11)

-- May 2, 1834
[Joseph Smith] The U.S. Secretary of War informs Mormons in Jackson County, Missouri that the U.S. president has no constitutional authority to use federal troops to enforce local laws. (12)

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