Mormon History, Dec 5, 1834

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-- Dec 5, 1834
Joseph Smith, Jr. ordained Oliver Cowdery as the first Assistant President of the Church. The position appears to have been largely a ceremonial one, with little real executive authority. (1)

-- Dec 5, 1834 - 3 September 1837
[1st Presidency Changes] Joseph Smith, Jr. Oliver Cowdery (Assistant President) Sidney Rigdon (never ordained an apostle) Frederick G. Williams (never ordained an apostle) Oliver Cowdery called as Assistant President of the Church (2)

-- Dec 6, 1834
In Kirtland, the Smith men, Oliver, Sidney, and Reynolds Cahoon meet. Hyrum is ordained to the presidency of the High Priesthood. (3)

In Missouri, W. W. Phelps, John Whitmer, John Corrill, Isaac Morley, Edward Partridge, and A. S. Gilbert write Governor Daniel Dunklin for military assistance to restore them to their lands, to authorize their own military units, and to convene a court of inquiry. (3)

Hyrum Smith: Assistant president (counselor) 6 Dec. 1834 (4)

Joseph Smith Sr.: Ordained assistant president and Patriarch to the Whole Church by First Presidency 6 Dec. 1834 (4)

Joseph ordains Hyrum Smith and Joseph Smith, Sr. as Assistant Presidents of the Church. (5)

Joseph Smith, Sr., and son Hyrum are the first Freemasons to become general authorities, although they had not been active since the 1826 murder of anti-Masonic crusader William Morgan. Before his own death Joseph Smith would marry the anti-Masonic martyr's widow Lucinda. First Presidency ordains Hyrum Smith as an additional assistant president (counselor) and Joseph Sr. as assistant president and Presiding Patriarch. Joseph Jr. had ordained Brigham Young's father John Young as patriarch to his family a few weeks earlier. (6)

Appointed brother Hyrum Smith and father, Joseph Smith Sr., as additional assistant presidents of the church, Kirtland. (7)

-- Dec 9, 1834
Joseph Smith Sr.: Gave first patriarchal blessings 9 Dec. 1834 (4)

"Joseph Smith, Senior, a Patriarch, and President of the high Priesthood" gives his first patriarchal blessings as an ordained patriarch to his adult children. (6)

[Joseph Smith] Received patriarchal blessing from father, Kirtland. (7)

[Lucy Mack Smith] At a family blessing meeting, Joseph Sr. refers to his and Lucy's firstborn dead son (Lucy later remembered this child as a daughter) and at least one occasion when he had been intoxicated. He pronounces patriarchal blessings on members of the family, recorded by Oliver Cowdery. (8)

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LDS History Timeline / Chronology

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