Mormon History, May 28, 1849

[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 28th + I walked with Father Carter to the East Cambridge glass works & went through them & home again.
+ I spent the evening with Br Delin from Sweeden. We compared the sweed Bible with the English. He related two interesting incidents which took place in sweeden. 1st as follows: During the days of the sixts reigning king before the present one on the Throne, The King had a dream in the night. He saw Blood upon the floor of his room untill it increased so that he stood in blood above his Ankles. It frightend him And He awoke.
He thought the room he occupied was the Parliament House. As soon As he awoke He Called one of his Generals to him to tell him his dream. And As the General Entered the room He drew his window curtain Aside & looked towards the Parliament House & saw A light in it. He said General I see A light in the Parliament House. The General says I think it must be the Moon. K[ing:] No sir the Moon does not shine there. He then Called Six other Generals & two soldiers And ordered them to accompany him to the Parliament House & they accompanied the king. When they arived at the House they saw it lighted with A large pair of Chandeliers holding lighted Candles And as their had never been any such thing in the house they were Afrighted.
The king ordered one of the Generals to take the key upon the door & go in & each one of the Generals in there turn fell upon there knees & said they would rather die than go into the house.
The King then said I am your king. I will lead the way. You must follow. So the king opened the door & the Generals & soldiers followed him. They Passed through A long Hall which was hung in black in morning. They went into the Main Hall of the Parliament house, which was brilliantly lighted. They there saw three tables. Two was occupied by two young men one sitting at each as recorders with Books. Upon the top of the other sat A vary Ancient Old looking man. Upon one side of the Hall or room stood an Exicutioner with an Ax in his hand And A Block before him And 500 Nobleman were crouded together like sheep in A pen. And when the old man gave the word the executioner took one at A time & cut their heads off upon the block untill he had beheaded evry man And the blood Coverd the floor more than Ancle deep & run into the street.
The king understanding that it was An open vision & not a reality Asked the old man several times when the fulfillment of it would be. The old man Answered not. The king then fell upon his knees And Prayed the Lord to tell him the fulfillment of the Vision. The old man then spoke & Said that it would not be in his day or the days of his Children but it would be in the days of the sixth or seventh living from him. Then the light went out the vision passed & all was darkness.
The king & Generals all went into the street shut the Parliament house door returned to there homes & wrote the testimony to the world in their own language which remains in the libraries of Swee-den to this day. The sixth King is now reigning And it is expected the seene will soon take place As the King is now with the poor And the Nobleman against both king & People.
The second incident was A Certain Hymn was herd sung in three different Meeting Houses in different parts of sweeden, at the same hour of the night, by three seperate parties. And the account was published in their seperate News papers at the same day in different parts of the kingdom. This was in the year AD 1837.
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[source: Wilford Woodruff's Journal: 1833-1898 Typescript, Volumes 1-9, Edited by Scott G. Kenney, Signature Books 1993,]

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