Mormon History, Jun 10, 1849

June 10, 1849 5 P.M Council in Office. Present[: Brigham] Young, [Heber C.] Kimball, [Willard] Richards, [Parley P.] Pratt, Charles C.] Rich, [John] Taylor, F[ranklin]. D. Richards,'-N[ewell]. K. Whitney., J[edediah]. M. Grant, H[enry]. Herriman, E[rastus]. Snow., G[eorge]. D. Grant. R[obert]. Campbell, Ad[dison]. Pratt. Conversation [was held] on Crickets. Mills on City Creek'-Hebers Mill, [and how] Crickets made [a] strike last year when [the] Wheat was heading.'-[M]aking a road up Big Kanyon Creek,'- cutting Trees in North Kanyon,'-the Fire in Mill Kanyon last Monday [that] burnt up 1000s of dollars worth of logs & lumber,'-Moses Martin & his whoring Spirit,'-Persons in New York assisting the Elders, [how] Joseph co[ul]d, unlock & lock up again & be perfectlycorrect'-[all were discussed]. B. Y.[: B]ro G. Grant, just call up bro Martin bef[ore] the Pres[iden]cy of [the] 70 & make 241 him give an acc[oun]t. of himself,'-& [then] cut him off'-& write to O. Pratt ab[ou]t. it.'- J. M. Grant[: T]he first idea I had of it, was from informat[io]n. in N[ew]. Y[ork]., I bel[ieve]. from bro Rogers.'- A. Pratt.[: B]ro Eagar is in hopes of being appointed [a] printer.'- B. Y.[:] That will be in the hands of experienced old men,'-& you mayemployhim as a type setter.'- A. Pratt[: H]e co[ul]d. learn the language eas[il]y. F. D. Richards[:] I move that Chancey West go to the Islands with Addison Pratt. [Vote was c]arried. B. Y.[:] It will be well for those who have families to leave them on the Coast at some rendevouz.'- A. Pratt[: I]t will be a good idea for those who have families to stay at the Coast till they can learn from the Islands. [It was v]oted that James Brown go to the Islands with A. Pratt. '-[It was voted that] bro Tampling go to the Coast, John Eagar to the Islands, [and] Alva Hanks go to the Islands. 9 [It was v]oted that Benjamin F. Johnson go to the coast with C. C. Rich. [It was voted that] Francis M. Pomeroy d[itt]o'-(4) [Those going to] Islands[:] Addison Pratt, Geo Langley, Geo[rge] Pitkin, Jonathan Crosby, Joseph Buzby, John L. Smith, John Eldridge, Chancey West, James Brown, John Eagar, [and] Alva Hanks. (10 [total]) [Those going to the] Coast[:] C. C. Rich, Geo[rge]. Langley, Benj[ami]n. F. Johnson, Fra[nci]s. M. Pomeroy, [?] Tampling. (5 [total]) B. Y.[:] When the First Pres[idenc]y. orders a thing, they need not ask any questions, but do just as they are told'-that cuts it right off.'-Conversation [held] in regard to [the] power of 70s.'- T[homas] B[ullock] read the minutes of [the] Bishops court yesterdaybefore Bishop Johnson at Mill Creek.'-Rawlins v Owens.'-[A] conversation [was held] on it.'- Conversation [was held] on sending teams to meet Howard Egan'-& to Green River Ferry.'-

[source: Minutes, as quoted in Minutes of the Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1910-1951, Privately Published, Salt Lake City, Utah 2010]

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