Mormon History, Apr 28, 1849

[Hosea Stout Diary] Saturday April 28th 1849. This morning I understand that the Party of Indians who passed here on the 20th inst. Under the Little Chief attacted Wanships party somewhere on Ogdons Fork and killed some (& amongst the rest the lad which we took prisoner in the Utah Valley on the 5th of March. [crossed out]) They also killed some 40 horses and took the rest[.] The Little Chief and one of his men were also killed.
To day the Legion was organized according to the appointment last Sunday. There was two Regiment formed one of horse & one foot constituting the First & Second Cohorts.
Daniel H. Wells Major General. Willard Snow Major 1 B. 1 R. 1 C.
J. M. Grant Brigr Gen First Cohort Ira Eldrege do 2 B. 1 R. 1 C.
H. S. Eldredge do do Second Do. A. Lytle â€" do 1 B 2 R. 2 C.
John S. Fulmer Col 1st R. 1st C. H. Herriman â€" do 2 B. 2 R. 2 C.
John Scott Col 1st R. 2 C.
There was Companies organized. I fell into 2 C. 2 B. 1 R. 1 C. Benjm F. Johnson Capt Having the honor of being first Lieut my-self. This is rising some in the world. Because when the Legion was organized in 1840 I held the office of Second Leut whereas I am now promoted a little. One circumstance took place today which I never saw before[.] John Pack & John D. Lee were each put in nomination for Majors by regular authority & both most contemptestously hissed down. When any person is thus duly nominated I never before knew the people to reject it[.] But on this occasion it appears that they are both a perfect stink in every bodys nose[.] The reasons of which is not needful to relate. To day about two oclock P. M. Alvin Horr, one of the Presidents of the Eleventh Quorum to which I belong, died of Dropsey. He had been afflicted a long time & came here from the bluffs for his health leaving his family

[source: Diaries of Hosea Stout]

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