Mormon History, 1849

(Bill Hickman) After personally killing the chief, Big Elk, Hickman reported, "I took off his head, for I had heard the old mountaineer, Jim Bridger, say he would give a hundred dollars for it. I tied it in his blanket and laid it on a fiat rock; hid his gun and bow and arrrows, forty-two number one good arrows, and awaited the arrival of the company.
"I had to laugh. Those rear fellows who had been in the habit of picking up everything, had untied the blanket that was around the chiefs head, but on seeing what it contained left it untied with the head sitting in the middle of it, entirely untouched. I took the head, gun, bow and arrows, mounted my horse, took a pretty spuaw [sic] behind me and a sick pappoose in front, and was off for our quarters."

[source: Van Wagoner, Richard and Walker, Steven C., A Book of Mormons,]

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