Mormon History, 1849

During this year Utah Valley was settled by John S. Higbee and others, Tooele Valley by John Rowberry and several others, and Sanpete Valley by Isaac Morley and company. G.S.L. Valley was surveyed by Capt. Howard Stansbury and Lieutenant John W. Gunnison, according to order from the government. About five hundred wagons and fourteen hundred immigrating Saints arrived in the Valley, besides a number of California emigrants who, during their sojourn among the Saints, were converted to "Mormonism" and remained in the Valley. the five companies of Saints which crossed the plains from the Missouri river to the Valley this season were led by Elders Orson Spencer, Allen Taylor, Silas Richards, Geo. A. Smith and Ezra T. Benson. Capt. Dan Jones, with quite a number of Welsh Saints, were included in Geo. A. Smith's company. Elder Wm. Howell commenced to preach the gospel in France. In consequence of the scanty harvest of 1848, breadstuff and other provisions became very scarce in G.S.L. Valley, and many of the people were compelled to eat raw hides and to dig sego and thistle roots, for months, upon which to subsist. Those persons who had, imparted measurably to those who had not, so that extreme suffering from hunger was avoided.

[source: Jenson, Andrew, Church Chronology]

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