Mormon History, Apr 22, 1849

[Quorum of Twelve] Sunday eve at L. Youngs Apr 22nd President Young & the 6 members of the 12 now in the valley met & spent the evening in conversation about means of gathering the British Saints, persons to accompany P. P. Pratt to the Islands. Elder J. Taylor asked if Elijah David Solomon & the Prophets had the High Priesthood how it was, if the Lord took it away with Moses; it was talked upon some but Pres[iden]t Young said he did not know he wished he did
Eld[er] Taylor said he had asked the Prophet Joseph the Question but he waved it.
Brother Taylor thought perhaps the Lord had confered (sic), it himself upon some at times whom he kind considered worthy but not with permission for them to continue it down upon others.

[source: Quorum of the Twelve Apostles: Minutes of Meetings and Other Documents--Excerpts, 1835-1896,]

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