Mormon History, Apr 11, 1849

April 11th. 1849 8 P.M. [The] Quorum of [the] Twelve met with the Presidency in B[righam]. Y[oung]'s house.'- Present[:] Young, [Heber C.] Kimball, [Willard] Richards, [Amasa] Lyman, [John] Taylor, [Charles C.] Rich, L[orenzo]. Snow, F[ranklin]. D. Richards, 0[rrin]. P[orter]. Rockwell, & T[homas]. Bullock'-& P[arley]. P Pratt. [A c]onversation [was held] about Bishop Murdock & [the] Fayette Shepherd,'-H[enry]. G. Sherwood. O. P. Rockwells blessing [was given with] /Pres[iden]t/ H. C K. [as the] moutn [mouth. He] said bro. P., we la[y] o[u]r hands on thee in [the name of] J[esus] C[hrist] of N[azareth] & [with the] H[oly] P[riesthood] in us asking H[eavenly] F[ather] in [the] name of [his] Son, J[esus] C[hrist], to 239 look on thy shortc[omin]g[s]., forgive [thy] sins & improprieties, [and] give Council to [thy] comp[anio]ns. [that they] will & enjoy Holy Sp[irit]. [And may] darkness leave [yo]ur eyes [blank] walk in humility & walk in riteousness [blank] to do most good [and] be blessed. [T]hyp[eo]pl[e]'- we la[y] [our] hands on P/orter /[?]/ lived /[?]/ [and we] ded[icate] & conse[cra]te him to thee in [ou]r G. C. & seal [upon thee] life & health. [May you be] filled with wisaidom & Co'-& [be a] bless[in]g. to bro A,'-& stand by him at all times & [in all] circ[umstanc]es & understand all things. [May he] escape [the] hands of his enemies & [that] they have no power over him,'-but [may] thy serv[an]t. triumph over them. & perform his duties & ret[ur]n. in safety. [T]hou shalt go in peace & prosper[ity] & ret[ur]n. ag[ai]n. & if thy enemies lift their weapons /ag[ain]st. thee they/ shall not prevail. [T]hou shalt escape by the /power of the/ L[ord]. thy God. [G]o by faith & [the] Sp[irit] of God shall rest on thee & [thou shalt] accomplish thy desires. [T]hou shalt do ri[gh]t. & [be] insp[ire]d. by this bless[in]g. [And may this] seal[in]g. [bear] thee up to. Et[erna]l. life & all glory& honor will [we] give to the Fat[he]r. in the N[ame] of his Son, J[esus]. C[hrist]. even so. Amen. W are enq[uire]d. where C Rich's mission was to. B. Y.[: I]n Western California.'-Have his El[ders] & they[will] go to Oregon & Cal[ifornia]. [I]t is best for Jesse D. Hunter to remain as [an] Indian Agent & licence men to trade here.'-[It was] set [for] Geo Rosecrantz to raise men for the frontiers & gather up what he can.'-

[source: Minutes, as quoted in Minutes of the Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1910-1951, Privately Published, Salt Lake City, Utah 2010]

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