Mormon History, Jun 11, 1848

[Brigham Young Sermon] In the first place I say to this camp where I to carry out my own private feelings from here to the valley I should say but little - watch a good deal, play considerable and hasten on my journey all I could - are my own feelings - my experience teaches me all things should be done in the season thereof - and I would mind my own business and should not want one discourse - if I should get wrathy I would repent before the sun went down perhaps many feel as I do - they don't want to make much noise - once and a while have to shout to the drivers - don't make much noise but labor all we can - is 1/4th of the camp here - no - some fishing - some hunting, some asleep in their wagons and yet all are going to Zion. My object is to have the privilege of serving the Lord, as I have a mind to - to have the privilege of building temples and receiving the ordinances of the priesthood. I hope the men and women are going for the same purpose - yet we do not pay that reverence as a people to him who is the author of this cause - I am afraid many are not going to prepare for the gathering of Israel - I am happy to say that the camp travels peace- ably - if we were at home I would not excuse them as I do now - I have traveled the road twice and I know it is wearing out the constitutions - it wears upon any man were we located I should expect to see the people at meeting - this people will not be suffered to trample all the ordinances of the Lord under foot - the Elders of Israel make this camp and the other camps - do we realize that we trifle with sacred things when we trifle away our time - God has mercy upon our weaknesses - and you will see the people do different to what you have yet done - I regret the accidents that have happened - if there is life enough in them they will grown again, its painful to see people sick - I don't think my little boy has suffered an hour with pain - if we had tarried in Winter Quarters we should have to bury them up - but if we are going to a place where a person has to break a neck to make him look pale - don't complain - if a limb is broke or a wagon broke or a team give out - we are not going to stop - I want the brethren to take out some of the records - it is as much your business to see to those records as it is to me to attend to them all the time. Brother Thomas Bullock has them - I want the brethren to take out loading. I want the two loose oxen, I want them. We are not going to stop for a break down team - I want to say to the camp, any man that don't want to obey orders, he can either stop till Brother Kimball comes or go and overtake the other companies - a man that will not obey, he shall not travel with me - I will not have the coral made as it not is - to see so many vacancies - it is quite a disgrace to the name of a coral - some have got pigs and chickens and want to get to them - When I order those wagons drawn together and he wont do it - I will just order the wagon out of the coral. I will pick up your cattle, chickens, pigs and sheep, but I don't want you to run over me - I am willing you should go in smaller companies or for two or three corals - but if you go with me you shall do as I tell you - We may find war parties near Grand Island - or the Platte when there is danger I will warn you - it is better to be ready - a man that don't want to get into a mud hole must look out - I would rather be prepared for twenty years to meet my enemy, who will want. A. Blackburn will take some, John Harris will carry 500, has three wagons - owns the loose cattle. Stephen Taylor. President Young then sat down - lost articles cried out - If the camp wishes to travel together signify if by the uplifted hand. all up - any to the contrary (none) then I'll make you caral better. I calculate to bear the burden - and if there is any difficulty I want to bear it, any man who has a pigish spirit I want it buried - it is of the earth earthy - about driving sheep - I am going to drive mine in the cool of the day ahead of the camp the cattle must be drove away from the camp and not be in their midst - if its your wish signify it (all up) - if chickens are loose don't run among the teams - if dogs fight - just kill them - if you get one ex scared - it is dangerous - I would be rather in the midst of the wild buffalo - than among our tame cattle if they get scared. As quick as you get to water - house your cattle in a short time - an ox will not be hurt by water - towards night the captain will be called on to go and repair the bridge over the creek. -- Beaver Creek, Nebraska [Thomas Bullock Minutes, LJA; Thomas Bullock—LDS Church Reporter, 1844-56.C, Archives, Church History Library, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah.; GCM, Archives, Church History Library, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah..; Leonard J. Arrington Papers, Special Collections, Merrill-Cazier Library, Utah State University, Logan.. (A reference reading LJA 12-55-5, 10, means LJA Series 12, Box 55, Folder 5, page 10.) 9-12-6, 38-40]

[source: The Complete Discourses of Brigham Young, Ed. Richard S. Van Wagoner, Smith-Pettit Foundation, Salt Lake City (2009),]

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