Mormon History, Mar 14, 1843

-- Mar 14, 1843
[Joseph Smith Diary] Tuesday, March 14th 1843 * [Richards includes at this point a drawing of five interconnecting circles and the following description of the three most prominent circles:]
A. A large circle seen round the moon on the evening of this day dark shades within the circle surround the moon which is the fur[t]hest spot in the centre.
B. An additional circle seen about 9 o'c[loc]k by Joseph /and/ the whole diagram as then seen and discribed by the Prophet. This circle is a mistake.1
C. This circle was visible this evening about 8 o'clock and continuous through the evening. The Parhelion on this circle [at points] B. [and] B. were brightest as also the circle C. about 1/4 before 9 o'clock. The circle and Parhelion were very brilliant and grew paler by nine o'clock. Description of W[illiam] W. Phelps.
Dr. R[obert] D. Foster states that at 11 o'clock there were an innumerable number of circles interwoven as above around the moon. The whole design to represent as one of the signs of the times. "A Union of Powers and Combination of the Nations," says Joseph.
2 Not correct. See page 17 [of the Original manuscript].
3 Thursday, March 16th 1843 9 A.M. in the office, read a piece on Mormonism in "Uncle Sam" February 18th written by reporter of the paper and conversed with Hiram, Dr. Foster, and many others. [several lines left blank] (1)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Tuesday, March 14th Joseph and Brigham returned about 4 P.M. had a severe cold ride. This evening appeared a large circle around the moon. Similar to what is frequently seen but larger. (See page 11) (1)

-- Mar 15, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 15, 16 17, & 18 Spent the time in the printing office. We still have exeeding cold weather. The thermometer stands freequently at zero. The river has been frozen over so that people have continually crossed the river for more than four months from Nauvoo to Montrose A circumstanc that never was known befor by the oldest inhabitants of this region. (2)

One week after Joseph Smith is sealed to his 20th plural wife TIMES AND SEASONS states: "We are charged with advocating a plurality of wives, and common property. Now this is as false as the many other ridiculous charges which are brought against us. No sect has a greater reverence for the laws of matrimony or the rights of private property; and we do what others do not, we practice what we preach." (3)

[Joseph Smith] Joseph prophesies "in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that Orrin Porter Rockwell would get away honorably from the Missourians." (History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (7 volumes) 5:305.) The name of the Wasp is changed to the Nauvoo Neighbor, and a prospectus is published. (4)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Wednesday, March 15th Dictated a letter to G[eorge] J. Adams [and] read letter from Butterfield and [James] Arlington Bennet. Signed deeds for Sister Granger and Smith and Alread.
Spent the day mostly in the office. Gave the following [new] name to the ''Wasp" enlarged as is contemplated "The Nauvoo Neighbor", [with the following in the masthead:] "Our Motto, the Saints Singularity" "Is unity, liberty, charity".
Joseph prophecied in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that [Orrin] Porter Rockwell will get away from the Missourians.
Told [Peter] Hawes he must curtail his boys or they will get into State Prison.
Dream, last night dreamed of swimming in a river of pure water, clear as crystal, over a school of fish of the largest /size/ I ever saw. They were directly under my belly. I was astonished and felt afraid they might drown me or do me injury. They were the largest I ever saw.
Conversed much about Porter, wishing the boy well. (1)

-- Mar 17, 1843
[Joseph Smith Diary] Friday, March 17th 1843 A part of the fore noon in the office and the remainder at home. P.M. Settled with Father Perry gave him a deed of 80 acres of land and city lot and prophecied that it would not be 6 mo[nths] before he could sell it for cash.
4 o'clock P.M. N[ewel] K. Whitney brought in a letter from R. S. Blennarhassett, Esqu[ire], St. Louis concerning [Orrin] Porter Rockwell, dated March 7th saying Porter was arrested the day previous and wishing instruction. Read and dictated answer. Heard read letters No. 1 Boston Bee by Viator and his own to [James] Arlington Bennet.
2 P.M. Walked out with 4 or 5 ladies towards the store. Went into Holmes. A report is circulated that the new indictments have been found in M[iss]o[uri] against Joseph, Hyrum, and some 100 others on the old subject and John C. Bennet[t] is going to do so and so. (1)

-- Mar 18, 1843
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith spent most of the morning in the office and fell asleep with his head on a pile of law books. Later that day he played ball with some boys. (5)

[Joseph Smith] Joseph writes, "About noon, I lay down on the writing table, with my head on a pile of law books, saying, . . . 'I am going to study law, and this is the way I study it'; and then fell asleep." (History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (7 volumes) 5:307.) (4)

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