Mormon History, Mar 13, 1843

-- Mar 13, 1843
[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] 13th Spent the day in the office. In the evening I had a view of the sword in the heavens. (1)

Joseph Smith's Journal: "Throwed the bully of Ramus wrestling." (2)

Ramus, Illinois. Joseph Smith wrestled with and threw the most expert wrestler in Ramus and later blessed 19 children with great fervency. (3)

[Joseph Smith] Joseph wrestles with William Wall, the best wrestler in Ramus, and throws him. That evening he blesses 19 children and records, "Virtue went out of me, and my strength left me, when I gave up the meeting to the brethren." The next day he explains the reason for this virtue going out of him. He states that he saw the influence of Lucifer and strove with all his might to protect the children against it. For this reason he becomes weak and has still not recovered by the next day. (History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (7 volumes) 5:303.) (4)

[Joseph Smith Diary] Monday, March 13th Throwed the bully of Ramus wrestling. 2 P.M. held Church meeting. Appointed Almon Babbitt Presiding Elder of Ramus by unanimous voice of the Church. In the evening held a meeting for blessing children, 27 blessed.
Mercury 3 degrees below zero at sunrise in Nauvoo. It is said by many the sword was seen in the heavens last eve again. It is said in the papers that iron filings and sulphur have fallen in form of snow storm in Missouri in five counties. This day heard that the Quincy Institute was burned last week. 3 or 4 tracks were followed in the light snow from the institute to the middle of the river which was frozen over.
Mr. Ivins arrived at Nauvoo and stated that [Orrin] Porter Rockwell came with him from New Jersey to St. Louis when Porter was taken by advertisement Saturday, March 5th and put in St. Louis Jail.
New Meeting house lately dedicated for Quincy and the dedication sermon was all against the Mormons. Elder O[rson] Hyde has gone down there to preach and the Mormons say they want their meeting house /would be glad to have their own meeting house/ &c. for Elder Hyde to preach in. (5)

-- Saturday March 13th 1843
[High Council Minutes] Minutes of the High Council Saturday March 13th 1843.
Present, Samuel Bent, Charles C. Rich, Albert P. Rockwood, David Fulmer, Thomas Grover, Newel Knight, Phineas Richards, Wm Huntington, Aaron Johnson George W. Harris, Alpheus Cutler, James Allred and Wm Snow.
Also, President Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Orson Pratt, John Taylor, George A. Smith, & John E. Page of the Quorum of the Twelve.
N.K. Whitney and George Miller Presiding Bishops, and Wm Clayton and Daniel Carn.
Prest Bent called upon Wm Clayton to act as clerk pro Tem, inasmuch as the regular clerk was sick.
Council opened by prayer from Eldr O. Pratt.
Prest. B. Young then said we want to take into consideration the case of Brother George J. Adams who is now present. I have objections to brother Adams' conduct and to the course he has taken and shall tell them here.
First when brother Adams came home last last fall, I asked him if he had any money for the Temple; he said no, he handed every thing to Wm Smith. Since then Wm Smith has wrote and said he sent some money and some cloth by brother Adams for the Temple, we have not got it. I have also been told that brother Adams has frequently read some kind of a note before the people, which represents him as having some great authority over every body else, and also that he was appointed Joseph's Spokesman.
I have been told that brother Adams says the Church owes him something from six hundred to one thousand dollars in money. Now I want to know if brother Adams can explain these things, and whether he is satisfied to have the matter investigated before this council.
Brother Adams then went on to explain to the Council relative to the above charges. He denied having said that he was appointed Joseph's Spokesman. He explained about the Temple money and said he was willing to meet any committe this council might appoint, and settle the whole account with them. He also explained how the church owed him money.
Prest Young then prefered some other charges relative to his conduct in the East, to which, after many remarks on both sides, Adams plead guilty and begged for mercy.
Many remarks were then made by sundry individuals, substantiating the charges, prefered by Prest. Young each one expressing a strong desire for brother Adam's salvation.
After spending much time in investigation, the Prest. S. Bent, arose to give his mind on the case, but a motion being made that Prest Young give the decision, Prest. Bent gave way.
Prest. Young then arose and said he wanted Brother Adams to sit down and write that he has done wrong, that he asks forgiveness, and is willing henceforth to listen to council, and do right without criminating any one else, also that the proper authorities of this church are here, and that he is with the Twelve and will be with them to bear off this Kingdom.
I want brother Adams to write this freely and confess his iniquities: a mans confession will never do him hurt unless he turns round and does wrong again.
Meeting adjourned to meet in the Seventie's Hall on Saturday next at one o'clock P.M.
Closing Prayer by President Rich.
C.C. Pendleton Clerk (6)

-- Mar 14, 1843
Nauvoo, Illinois. After Joseph Smith returned from Ramus, Illinois, he taught Jedediah M. Grant why he (Joseph) had turned pale and lost strength the previous day while blessing 19 children. (3)

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