Mormon History, May 4-5, 1842

-- May 4-5, 1842
Joseph Smith organizes the Anointed Quorum or Holy Order of the Priesthood and initiates nine men into it by use of what would later be called the temple endowment. Women do not participate until September 28, 1843. Emma Smith administers the "anointing" to women who become part of the quorum. (1)

-- May 5, 1842
[Anointed Quorum] "I attended Council as yesterday, and we administered to brother Joseph the same ordinances" (MHBY). Vinson Knight was anointed and endowed between 5 May 1842 and his death on 31 July 1842 (GWR). (2)

Thursday, after James Adams left the city, first Joseph and then Hyrum Smith received their anointing and endowment in the upper room of his store from the other men who were anointed and endowed yesterday (BLL, HC). In 1843 Thursday became one of the regular meeting days of the Anointed Quorum, just as it had been the day for the Kirtland temple's prayer meetings (HC). (2)

At a British Mission conference in Manchester, Lorenzo Snow sings a hymn "beautifully in tongues." In Nauvoo Joseph and then Hyrum Smith receive their anointing and endowment in the upper room of his store from the men who were anointed and endowed the day before. (3)

-- May 6, 1842
Orin Porter Rockwell attempts the assassination of Lilburn Boggs, Governor of Missouri. (1)

An assassination attempt is made on Missouri's ex-governor Liburn W. Boggs, allegedly by former Danite and later member of the Council of Fifty Orrin Porter Rockwell. The last entry into the Founding Minutes of the Nauvoo [Masonic] Lodge indicate there were 105 members, of whom 73 had joined for the first time at Nauvoo. In addition there were quite a number who had been passed but not yet given the first degree, and 52 additional candidates who had applied and had been accepted for membership in the lodge, pending initiation. (3)

Orrin Porter Rockwell (Joseph Smith's body guard) reportedly shoots and wounds former Missouri Governor Lilburn W. Boggs at his house, through the window. John Whitmer says it was well known that Joseph Smith hired Rockwell to kill Boggs and that Rockwell was a member of the Gadianton band. (4)

A gunman shoots Governor Boggs in his home, hitting him four times. The gunman is not found, but his revolver was left at the scene. Rumor and speculation points to Porter Rockwell, Joseph Smith's personal bodyguard, as the would-be assassin. Rockwell denies this, remarking that if it was him, Boggs would not have recovered. (5)

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