Mormon History, Oct 6, 1849

[Brigham Young Sermon] am (first address) conference
President Brigham Young arose and gave some instruction about finishing the Bowery, and said, "I feel happy for this shelter from the rays of the sun and the blasts of winter. I fell well in my mind; my heart is like the chariot of Abinadab, full of joy. I realize we ought to bear off the kingdom to the nations of the earth. This people as a whole are a good people, and I shall seek to do them good, and bring them forth salvation to the whole house of Israel, for I want to see Zion built up." Salt Lake City MS 12:133 pm (second address) conference
President Young then remarked, that when the Twelve are abroad in any nation, they dictate the affairs of the Church there, the same as I do here. The enquiry may be made, can Lorenzo Snow dictate any where but in Italy? Yes--the Twelve dictate in all the world, and send Elders where they please, and as they deem wisdom. We have appointed Lorenzo and Erastus Snow, to certain missions, have they any right to go anywhere else? Yes; I wish they would open the door to every nation on the earth, and if an Apostle sees any one professing to be an Elder in the Church and bringing disgrace on the priesthood, he has authority to silence him, demand his license and cut him off from the Church. [Salt Lake City - MS 12:123; MS 12:132]

[source: Elden J. Watson, ed. Brigham Young Addresses, 1801-1877: A Chronological Compilation of Known Addresses of the Prophet Brigham Young, 6 vols. (Salt Lake City: Privately published, 1971)]

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