Mormon History, Oct 2, 1849

[Apostle Wilford Woodruff Journal] Oct 2d 1849 {?} I recieved 4 letter from the following persons viz one from G. J. Crapo, Albert J. Cowden Wm. Sweat & one from the Presidency in the Great Salt Lake City viz Brigham Young Heber C Kimball & Willard Richard. The following is A Copy of the same:
Great Salt Lake City July 25th 1849
Dear Brother Woodruff
As our mail is now making up for the States we cannot [let] so favorable an opportunity of Communicating to you pass unimproved. Our prospects for grain are tolerable good, & if we are not flooded with immigration intending for the Mines but compelled to tarry here we should have plenty for the ensuing year.
Our Wheat harvest is now at its highth and is coming off far better than appearances seemed to warrant. The spirit of industry which has ever Characterized the saints of the Most High God has been brought to bear with wonderful effect upon the burning & Arid desert. The Next time that you encounter The hardships privation & toil of A Journey over the plains & mountains you will meet with a vary different reception from what attended your first arival Here. Friends will greet your Arival and the products of the Earth will administer to your Comfort.
Our City and valley is fast improveing. Roads are being made & Bridges, Mills, & Houses building on evry side with Asstonishing rapidity Considering our Circumstances and the disadvantages under which we labor. But the blessings of health peace & union have attended us. Hence our prosperity. We have A settlement in the Utah valley & have Extended North above the Weber river. We have to irrigate our land which is considerable labor but will diminish as we improve in fixtures & experience. One thing is Certain. All the necessary products of the Earth for the sustinance of man can be raised.
You have probably learned before this that we are endeavoring to obtain A legal government from the U.S. Dr Bernhisel is East upon this business And Brother A W Babbitt will leave tomorrow as our delegate to washington. Our object is to gain admission as a Sovreign State into the Union. Whenever you can use your influence to further this object do so. Also gather up the saints & come on with all you can bring another season we shall be quite Happy to see you as will all your friends.
We had yesterday a celebration of the Anniversary of the Arival of the Pioneers in this valley. It was A Day long to be remembered. Your Father Enjoyed it well being one of the 24 Aged Fathers selected as part of the Escort. For full Details of these procedings see the Frontier Guardian. Wishing for the Peace of Heaven to rest upon [you] your Brethren in the gospel of Christ.
Brigham Young
Heber C Kimball
Willard Richards
I spent the Afternoon in Boston with Phebe W Woodruff, Shuah C Moulton Rhoda Foss & Andrew P Delin. I walked to the Common on to the State House And recorded my name as from the Great Salt Lake City.

[source: Wilford Woodruff's Journal: 1833-1898 Typescript, Volumes 1-9, Edited by Scott G. Kenney, Signature Books 1993,]

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