Mormon History, Feb 20, 1841

-- Feb 20, 1841
The court-martial of the Nauvoo Legion, by a unanimous vote, adopts a resolution: "That no person whatever, residing within the limits of the City of Nauvoo, between the ages of 18 and 45 years, excepting such as are exempted by the laws of the United States, shall be exempt from military duty, unless exempted by a special act of this court; and the fines for neglecting or refusing to appear on the days of general parade were fixed at the following rates: for generals, $25; colonels, $20; captains, $15; lieutenants, $10; and musicians and privates, $5; and for company parade at the following rates-for commissioned officers, $5; noncommissioned officers, $3; musicians and privates, $2. The 1st and 6th of Apr, and the 3rd of Jul, were fixed upon as days for general parade for this year." (1)

-- about Feb 21, 1841
Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Taylor remembers that Joseph Smith prophesied to his worried mother that her son John would safely return from jail within a week after having been imprisoned in Missouri for six months; he returned six days later. (2)

-- 23Feb41
[Joseph Smith Sermon] True Friends (3)

-- Feb 23, 1841
Foster, Robert D: Member of Nauvoo Agricultural and Manufacturing Association 23 February 1841. Appointed county magistrate for Hancock County, Illinois. Appointed surgeon-in-chief and brevet brigadier-general of Nauvoo Legion. Purchased land for speculation in Nauvoo. (4)

Miller, George: Elected member of Nauvoo Agricultural and Manufacturing Association 23 February 1841. (4)

Miller, George: Nauvoo House Association was incorporated 23 February 1841. (4)

Smith, Don Carlos: Officer of Nauvoo Agricultural and Manufacturing Association 23 February 1841. (4)

-- During 1841 February
First wards organized at Nauvoo. (5)

-- During February 1841
[Hosea Stout] By this time, Stout had joined the main body of the church in Nauvoo. There he became active in civil and religious affairs. In February 1841 he was elected captain of one of the companies of the Nauvoo Legion, and was promoted to brigadier general in 1845 as hostilities with the surrounding communities escalated. He later helped to write a history of the Legion. (6)

Miller, George: Ordained to bishopric February 1841. (4)

Richards, Willard: Moved from Preston to Manchester February 1841. (4)

Smith, Samuel Harrison: Elected alderman in City of Nauvoo February 1841. Member of Nauvoo Legion. (4)

-- Mar 1, 1841
Nauvoo, Illinois. At the Nauvoo City Council meeting, Joseph Smith presented a bill for an ordinance allowing free toleration and equal privileges to all religious sects and denominations. (2)

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