Mormon History, 1840-1843

-- During 1840-1843
* James Sloan -- primary scribal author for this period. Writings used in assembling The History of the Church (often cited as HC) (originally entitled History of Joseph Smith; first published under the title History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; nicknamed Documentary History of the Church or DHC) (1)

-- During 1840-1970
[Periodicals] Millennial Star, The; European Mission Manchester, Liverpool and London, England (Periodical) (2)

-- During 1840-41
Amasa M Lyman: Counselor in church-wide quorum of high priests (1840-41) (3)

Ezra T Benson: Stake presidency (1840-41) (3)

John C Bennett: Illinois State Quartermaster-General (1840-41) (3)

-- During 1840-42
John C Bennett: Sexually cohabited in violation of Illinois law (1840-42) (3)

Orson Hyde: Mission (1840-42) (3)

-- During 1840-44
John C Gaylord: Branch president (1840-44) (3)

-- During 1840-46
Oliver Cowdery: Clerk of Seneca County, Ohio School Board (1840-46) (3)

-- During 1840s
Daniel S Miles: Pro-tem member of Nauvoo high council (without high priest ordination) 1840s. (3)

-- During About 1840
Sidney Rigdon joins Masons. (4)

-- During ca. 1840
Avery Allyn republishes the 1831 'A Ritual of Freemasonry.' "The curious illustrations show the familiar grips, penalties and Masonic five points of fellowship ("... the master whispers the word, Mah-hah-bone, in his ear, and causes the candidate to repeat it, telling him that he must never give it in any other manner than that in which he received it. He is told that Mah-hah-bone signifies marrow in the bone ... "
". . . What is that? ... The pass-grip of a master Mason. "
". . . Has it a name? ... It has. "
". . . Will you give it me? ... I did not so receive it, neither can I so impart it." (5)

-- Jan 4, 1841
Hyrum Smith: Designated "a Prophet and Revelator" and ordained by Joseph Smith Jr. as Patriarch to the Church and Assistant President 24 Jan. 1841 (3)

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