Mormon History, May 16, 1835

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-- May 16, 1835
[Phelps, William Wines] Arrived in Kirtland 16 May 1835. (1)

-- May 17, 1835
Orson Hyde and William E. McLellin in Westfield, Chautauqua Co., New York, MA, May 1835, 116. (2)

W. W. Phelps, his son Waterman, and John Whitmer and his family arrive in Kirtland. (2)

We were told that Messrs. How[e], Hurlbut, & Co's. Mormonism Unvailed sold for eighteen and three quarter cents, while the Book of Mormon sold for two dollars. It is true that two dollars is above the selling price of the Book of Mormon, but the anxiety of the gentleman to purchase it, and the owner having but one, and not wishing to part with it, is an explanation of this matter. Tell every body to buy and read "Mormonism Unvailed" if they wish, for we are convinced of Paul's statement, where he says, "Ye can do nothing against the truth but for the truth." (2)

William and son move into Joseph's home and help compile the D&C. (2)

[Whitmer, John] Left Clay County, Missouri, for Kirtland 28 April 1835; arrived 17 May 1835. (1)

-- May 18, 1835
[Whitmer, John] Appointed editor of Messenger and Advocate in Kirtland 18 May 1835, contrary to his wishes. (1)

[Wight, Lyman] Returned to Clay County 18 May 1835. (1)

-- late May 1835
Oliver Cowdery resigned his editorship of the Church's newspaper, the Messenger and Advocate. He was replaced in that office for a few months by John Whitmer. [RLDS "History of the Church, Vol. I, p. 570.] (3)

-- May 30, 1835
[Smith, George Albert] Appointed to serve mission to East 30 May 1835. (1)

-- May 31, 1835
Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith spoke for three hours on the subject: This is My Beloved Son, Hear Him. (4)

-- During 1835 May
Oliver Cowdery was removed from his editorial position at the Messenger & Advocate, probably because he disagreed with Joseph Smith, Jr. on matters concerning local partisan politics. (5)

-- Jun 2, 1835
Kirtland, Ohio. Joseph Smith wrote a letter to Almira Mack Scobey, daughter of his maternal uncle, Stephen Mack. (4)

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